Past Winners

Over 900+ winners and £20M in prizes given away already!

Massey MD20 won for just £20

Won by: Jamie Carroll - Massey MD20 Winner
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New Holland TL100A For £25

Won by: Jake Major-Bird - Lancashire England
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Scania R580 won For £25

Won by: David Doyle - Scania R580 WINNER
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Lucky Welding set

Won by: Alan Meegan -Welding set winner
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6 Piece Dewalt set

Won by: Francis Temple - Ashbourne Co Meath
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520d Msport & 3 Series Msport

Won by: Lee Mcfadden & Manus Mcfadden - Letterkenny Co Donegal
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2012 Massey Ferguson 5440

Won by: Danny McCarthy - Bantry - Cp. Cork
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Massey Ferguson

Won by: michael O’Donnell - Donegal
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Audi a5

Won by: Gary McMeekin - Irvine Scotland
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Over £20M worth of prizes given away already!