Past Winners

Over 900+ winners and £20M in prizes given away already!

Massey 135

Won by: Shane O Neill, Co. Longford, Ireland.
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Honda Farm Quad Bundle

Won by: Moira Myles, Co Monaghan, Ireland.
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Magic Monday £1,000 for 97p

Won by: Stuart Underwood, Argyll, Scotland.
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MK2 Ford Escort

Won by: Ashley Lennon, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
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Mad 4 Muck Bundle

Won by: Padraig Donohoe, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Lucky Day Drift Bundle

Won by: Shane Drew from Co. Westmeath, Ireland
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£1000 for £1.97

Won by: Celene Smith from Co. Cavan, Ireland
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Won by: Adam Daly from Co. Offaly, Ireland.
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Low odds £1000 draw

Won by: Timothy Dickson, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
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Over £20M worth of prizes given away already!